About Us

Award Winning Interior Design

A fast-growing interior design company based in Singapore and Malaysia.


We are innovative – “With aesthetics elements (space, pattern, texture, color, tone, mass, void, light and shadow…) we are sculpting your dreams and needs to reality in one form.”

APAX Interior design Company which provides unique and specialized interior design services for residential, office, furniture, furnishing, retail,  commercial buildings and landscape projects. Services include elegant designs, smart space planning, and firm project management. We deliver designs that meet the client’s needs, dreams and more…


Providing top quality work of art with support from own Apax Engineering team apaxengineering.com


Presenting artistic pieces that amaze clients while sticking to utmost business etiquette, deadlines, budget, and engineering rules.

We Care: 

Our interior designers work with you to assess your needs and the requirements of space, generating a comprehensive plan allowing you to evaluate the costs and time frame ahead of any decision, we assist you in knowing the details of different materials to choose the best with knowledge and conviction, Our team is composed of professionals and specialists who will follow up with on your plan and keep you regularly updated to be immersed in the stages of achieving your dream.

Our Philosophy: 

People think interior designer’s mission is only about space solving and color matching. For us, it’s about “Creating an insight “.
Insight into the values which are wondering in your mind, and what you want from your environment towards achieving what you really want. What makes them feel at ease, what excites them, what reassures them and what inspires them.
We use design to enhance people’s lives. Yes! To enhance people’s lives,
We create a unique combination of aesthetics and functions that will have a direct impact on enhancing your life.
We believe that the beauty of environment has a positive influence on enhancing your life.


Project Manager

Graduated from NTU Engineering Degree, Vince has been taking on project management roles for more than 10 years and had certified himself with Project Management Professional from Project Management Institute established since 1969.


Creative Director

Being in Construction and Design field for years, Jason has equipped himself with solid experience in balancing the design idea and technical execution well.


Creative Staff

Being a good team player, Michelle has proven her creativity talent to support the team.


Project Manager

Sarah has started Interior Design and management since her graduation from LASALLE College of the Arts.

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